Legal Fees

I understand that in today’s economy, every dollar counts, and I promise that your fee will be reasonable, based upon your needs and the law as follows:

RETAINER PLUS HOURLY FEEThe client pays an amount in advance to your lawyer and also agrees to replenish your retainer to pay for hours worked above the initial retainer amount.  Your lawyer’s hourly rate is $300 per hour for his work for you.

CONTINGENCY FEE The client and lawyer agree that he will receive a percentage of any recovery he obtains.  If there is no recovery, your attorney receives no fee for his work.

COMBINATION FEE An up-front paid retainer plus percentage to attorney for  his work for you.

What do my fees pay for?

The primary purpose of your fee is to compensate your lawyer for his knowledge, experience, time and skill that he will utilize to represent you in your case or legal matter.  Your lawyer has spent years in law school, and beyond law school, in continual learning and honing of his craft, in order to provide you with his best effort and representation when the need arises.

In the legal field, there are some lawyers who charge upwards of $1,000.00 or more per hour.  So, as you can see, we have kept our hourly cost relatively low over the years.  We charge a reasonable fee to our clients and seek to maximize the benefit each client obtains from our representation.  And, finally, we believe that our honesty, hard work and efforts will motivate our clients to return to us year after year in addition to referring their loved ones and friends to us as well.

Thank you for utilizing us to serve your legal needs.

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